Sport Shoes



Tenis Fútbol Americano para Hombre Nike Pro-Evolution-Verde
Zapatillas para Correr de Mujer New Balance 63-35-Rosa


Content description has to be original and attractive for the client. You can’t copy the information from official websites of the product and other websites.

Description must include the following elements:

  1. Logos can’t be included, brand name, images and/or videos in the body of the description.
  2. Name of the product in a format <h2>
  3. Group of people to the one is directed, for example: runners, training, CrossFit, urban-soccer, basketball, etc.
  4. Benefits of the product: Is important to specify the client why they have to use that model of sport shoes for their favorite sport, for example because it has certain technology, etc.
  5. Product Materials: Mention the material of the shoe sole, inside and outside.


Are the most important features of the product, are always next to the main images.

  1. Sport
  2. Materials: Sole, Inside, Outside
  3. Shoe Technology
  4. Additional feature of the product (If the case)



Product specifications must include the following information:

  • Color of the product
  • Model of the product


Filters are tools that let us classify products according to specific features. These are very useful for clients as they allow them to easily find the products they want. Filters must be added like this:

  • Color
  • Gender: Man or woman
  • Product Size
  • Product Material