Customers at Linio have the possibility to find products according to their interest with the help of FILTERS. Also, they optimize the search of the products and allow to have an organized web-catalog, wich is attractive to visitors.

FILTERS are to the right of category webpage. The customer can select specific filters according to the features are looking in a product. For example, at smartphones category, can select features like brand, screen size, processing speed and another options.



According to categories (Fashion,Electronics, Health&Beauty,Home&Living, Kids&Babies, Pets, Media&Books), the filters are different for every one of them. For example, SIZE and GENDER  are very used in FASHION category, but not in ELECTRONICS.

However, there are FILTERS used in almost all the categories, like PRICE, BRAND and COLOR. The first two filters are used for sales issues, and COLOR is for content product issues.

In GUIDELINES CONTENT we will tell you wich filters you should use for every product category!