Legal restrictions


Linio International Marketplace brings the best international products to Latin America, expanding its catalogue daily. Our customers count on us that they can make their purchases confidently and trouble-free. Products and brands offered for sale on Linio must comply with international and local laws and regulations as well as with Linio’s policies.

Our customers and their safety are always first. New as well as existing sellers should consult the list of prohibited and restricted products /brands regularly.

Sellers who upload restricted and/or prohibited products on any of Linio’s platforms will be notified and penalised according to our T&C. Linio reserves the right to deactivate items whose sale is prohibited and suspend the accounts of sellers who do not comply with Linio’s policies.

Linio is committed to working closely with its stakeholders to ensure the sale of legal and safe products across Latin America.

Restricted Brands

There are some brands under exclusive agreements or brands  that require legal accreditation for sale on Linio. SKUs created or updated under this brands, will not be visible on Linio until the Legal Department approves it.

Prohibited and Restricted Products

Restricted products are those products whose sale in a given country is subject to certain limitations, such as additional documentation and/or charges. Prohibited products are those products whose sale is strictly prohibited according to international and local laws. As a reference, it is strictly prohibited to sell illegal, unsafe or counterfeit products on all Linio platforms.

Apple and Xiaomi Products

For the products of these marks the sellers must use the photographs and descriptions of our library. Is prohibited to use photos and/or texts from Apple/Xiaomi official websites, another websites, mock-ups and manipulated images.

Click here to access them photos and description for products are proportioned by Linio.

Check the list of Restrictions of each country:

NOTE: If you want to sell a product or brand that is under one of the legal situations previously described, please consult your commercial adviser.


Linio Logo/Word

Do not use Linio word or logo in any pat of your content.


Copyright Images and Trademark Logos

Please do not include trademark logos and copyright images on photo gallery or description.


App Logos 

For copyright issues is not allowed in devices with display to use app logos like Facebook, Google Chrome, Skype, Twitter, Netflix and other companies.