It is important to categorize a product correctly. But, what we refer to categorize? Each product belongs to a family or product line called category. There are categories and subcategories . From the categories emerge the subcategories , like a tree and its branches. Categories let the costumer to find much easier and faster the products they are looking for.

If our product is perfectly categorized, our costumers will have more possibilities to find the product they want. Also categories let Linio to have a leaner, systematic and orderly catalog page.

For example, if our product is a microwave oven, the client will search it by

Appliances> Small  appliances> Ovens.


When a product is wrongly categorized, it will appears on the Linio page with items that are not of their product line. In this case the costumer haver less possibilities to find the product that wants to buy.

For example, this headphones are in CASE CELLPHONES category:



Besides a product miscategorized breaks the page product order.

If you want to know how to categorize your products on Seller Center  click here.