Creation using templates

The Seller Center platform allows the bulk upload of products through a template that is filled with the same content information used to create a product individually.


  • The first step is to download the template to fill for your products. In the Seller Center main panel, go to the “Products” option and select “Import Products”.

  • In the section “Download Templates” identifies the category of your products and click on the desired attribute to download the template.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the “Exports” section. Click the “Download” link to download the file to your computer.


  • Open the downloaded file in Microsoft Excel to work with the template. As you will see, the information you are asking to add is the same as that requested by Seller Center when you create a product individually. With this template you can load up to 3000 products at a time.

  • Before filling in the fields of the template, we recommend you to read the modules that come integrated in the bottom and that will serve you of consultation if you have some doubt in the filling of information.


Introduction: Provides an overview of how to use the file.

Upload Template: The section in which you will upload the information of your product.

Categories: List of categories where you can locate your product.

Brand: List of trademarks in our system, if the brand of your product is not found please contact your Commercial Advisor or Partner Support Center.

Options: Lists of valid values ​​for all the attributes that will be requested.

  • Then fill in the template with the information requested for each product you want to load:

NOTE: Before inserting the information of your products, remember to delete the sample information that includes the template:


  • Once all the information requested by the template is filled, we will proceed to export it for loading at Seller Center. Copy from your Excel file all the information of your products, selecting from “Example of the template”:

  • In a file in the software “Notebook” paste the information previously copied:

  • Seller Center only allows loading of files in CSV format. To do this select in notebook the option “Save As”. Choose the location, give the file a name and at the end of it places the .csv ending. In the section of Codification choose UTF-8 and finally click on “Save”.


  • After saving the file with the corresponding format, we will go to Seller Center and we will go to the section of “Products”, selecting the option “Massive Load of Products”.

  • In the section “Import mode” choose the “Create new products” option, select the file of our template and click on “Upload file”.

  • We will wait for the file to be processed by the server and wait for the response from Seller Center, which is limited to two scenarios:
    • SUCCESSFUL CHARGE OF THE TEMPLATE: If our file was processed without problem will appear a legend that will notify us.
    • ERROR IN THE CHARGE OF THE TEMPLATE: If our file was not processed, the system will notify us the corresponding error (s).
      • ERROR CORRECTION: when you notify that the template contains errors that prevent it from loading correctly, they must be corrected directly in the Excel file and repeat the CSV file creation process, to load it again in the Seller Center.