VIDEO category includes the following products:



Please follow the next guideline for VIDEO subcategory:


Reproductor de Blu-ray Sony D5304 Full HD
Soporte de TV Stanley Wall Mount 32-50″
Luz Estrobo Hier Hyper Led 500 Luces


Content description should be original and attractive for the customer. Please do not copy product information from official web or another websites.

The description should have the following guidelines:

  1. Do not use logo brand, brand name, images/videos in the body description.
  2. Description must have more than 150 words.
  3. Product name in <h2> HTML code
  4. On description, you should  highlight the next features:
    • Main benefit and most important attributes of the product.
    • Technical features: connectivity, output power, playback formats, compatible devices
    • Extra features: Exclusive technologies  from the brand like software or Web Services.


  1. Main Function of the Product 
  2. Feature 1
  3. Feature  2
  4. Extra feature (Optional)
  5. Total Content: (Optional) Mention the total of products that the costumer will receive. For example, a home theater includes the player and many speakers.



Please fill the next fields for AUDIO subcategory:

  • Product measures : Product measures in centimeters: Long X Depth X Width (26x16x5)
  • Weight: Expressed in kilograms. For example, if a product weighs 180 grams, you should fill the field with 0.18 number.
  • Color: Black, red, blue
  • Storage capacity: (Only for MP3/MP4 players): 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB
  • Power out (For Home Theaters): For example, 1000 watts
  • Display Size (For Portable DVD/Blu-ray players): For example 5″
  • Playback formats: For projectors and video player you can choose options like CD, DVD, USB, Blu-ray, MP3.

Products over 80 kg have shipping restrictions.


Filter allows you to classify your product according to certain attributes. For the customer are very useful because it helps them find the products very easy and quickly. Please fill the next fields:

  • Color:Black, red, white.
  • Output power: For example, 1000 watts.