DJ Equipment

The DJ product subcategory consists of the following products:




Mixer Pioneer DJM-900NXS 4 Canales
Tornamesa Numark DJ RJ-X400 Controlador USB
Barra de 20 Luces Pixel W281 5 Efectos


The descriptions for this subcategory should explain the benefits of the products, that is, they should mention the technical component and how it will serve the client in their activities. The content of the description must be original and attractive to the client. You may not copy information from official product pages or from other sites.

  1. A description of more than 150 words, accommodated by blocks of information.
  2. The logo, brand name, images and / or videos should not be used in the body of the description.
  3. Product name in <h2> format.
  4. The first paragraph should highlight the main benefits of the product, and the use that the customer can give the equipment. For example, if it is a mixer you must indicate the sound options it processes and whether it is for an amateur or professional user.
  5. Technical characteristics of the product: Mention the technical components of the products and their operation.
  6. Characteristics of the brand: Unique features that distinguish the product from other similar ones. For example, audio technologies or software included.


They are the most important characteristics of the product, always appear next to the main images.

  1. Main functions of the product.
  2. Function 2: Secondary function of the product.
  3. Power (If applicable): Expressed in watts.
  4. Connectivity.
  5. Compatibility: Indicate if the equipment is compatible with operating systems and other devices.
  6. Additional feature (if applicable): For example, exclusive brand technology.



The product specification table must contain the following information:

  • Size: Product dimensions in centimeters as follows: Length X Depth X Width (26x16x5)
  • Weight: Expressed in kilograms and with a single figure after the decimal point. For example, if a product weighs 180 grams, the figure will be written down 0.18.
  • Color: Black, silver, red, etc.

Products over 80 kg have shipping restrictions.


Filters are tools that allow the classification of products according to certain attributes. For the customer are very useful as it allows you to quickly find the items you want. The filters to be placed are as follows:

  • Color: Black, silver, red, etc.