This subcategory consists of the following products: drones. These are remotely piloted unmanned vehicles. Due to its legislation, the corresponding technical details must be specified, as well as its operation and types of use. All content must be in Spanish. Drones subcategory consists of the following products:


The name is structured as follows:

Dron DJI Mavic Air 2-Blanco
Minidron Parrot Jumping Sumo-Negro


The descriptions for this subcategory should briefly explain technical details, the functionality of the device, modes of use and other specifications related to the elements that it includes, such as controls, compatible applications, among others.

The content of the description must be original and attractive to the client. It is not allowed to copy information from official product pages or other sites.

The description must contain the following elements:

  1. The logo, brand name, images and / or videos should not be used in the body of the description.
  2. Product name in <h2> format
  3. The first paragraph should highlight the main benefits of the product, that is, the use that the customer will be able to give the equipment. For example, about its use to record or take photographs, as well as its piloting mode or high resolution video capture.
  4. From the second paragraph, the following points should be developed in blocks. Remember that it is essential to demonstrate to the client how the characteristics of the product may be of interest to them:
      • Design features
      • Technical characteristics about the engine, propellers, battery life
      • Technical specifications: quality of photos and video (depending on the type of drone)
      • Wireless connectivity and operating system benefits (if apply)
      • Additional benefits as proprietary technologies of the brand
      • Compatible apps and devices
      • Other features to highlight such as GPS, ease of use, etc.


They are the most important characteristics of the product, they always appear next to the main images.

      1. Types of uses (recreational, photography, video)
      2. Camera resolution
      3. Battery type and duration
      4. Type of motor
      5. Maximum speed
      6. Propeller type
      7. Flight time (only for aerial)
      8. Stability
      9. Connectivity (if apply)
      10. Compatible devices (if apply)
      11. If includes GPS
      12. Additional characteristic (for example, if submersible)




The product details table must contain the following information:

      • Size: Product dimensions in centimeters as follows: Length X Depth X Width (18,5x15x11)
      • Weight: Expressed in kilograms and with a single figure after the decimal point. For example, if a product weighs 180 grams, the figure 0.18 will be entered.
      • Color: Black, Red, Blue.
      • Display features: LED, HD, Touch, etc (In this field you can add several features).
      • Electronics Features: Bluetooth, Touch Screen, Wi-Fi, etc (In this field you can add several features).
      • Memory Type: SD card, for example.
      • Megapixels: Main camera resolution
      • Camera Features: For example, video recording


Filters are tools that allow you to classify products according to certain attributes. They are very useful for the customer, as it allows them to quickly find the items they want. The filters to be placed are the following:

      • Display Features
      • Storage device
      • Megapixels