Tablets content must be focused to people who understand technical features and those who don´t. For this, technological attributes must be described in an easy understanding way, it means, pointing practical benefits clients are getting when acquiring the product.



Name structure is as follows:

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 3 16 GB Android Lollipop 7″-Black
Tablet Asus MemoPad 16 GB Android 4.2 10.1″-White


Descriptions for this subcategory must explain the different benefits and different components of the tablets, the technical name has to be mentioned and how it helps clients in their activities. Description must be original and attractive for the client. It is not allowed to copy the information from official product websites and other sites. Description must include the following elements:

  1. A content of more than 150 words and in a 2 or 3 columns format, organized in blocks of information.
  2. Logos can’t be included, brand name, images and/or videos in the body of the description.
  3. Name of the product in a format <h2>
  4. The first paragraph has to include the main benefit and most important attributes of the product if games can be played, productivity apps or high-resolution video.
  5. The second paragraph must develop the following in blocks. Remember it is mandatory to show the client how product features can be useful in their life.
    • Processor, RAM and storage (Expandable Memory up to)
    • Screen
    • Operating System
    • Wireless Type
    • Additional features of the brand
    • Design features


Are the main features of the product, are always shown next to the main images.

  1. Screen Size
  2. Screen Resolution
  3. Operating System
  4. Processor and processor speed
  5. Hard Drive: specify if expandable
  6. RAM
  7. Front and Back Webcam resolution (if the case)
  8. Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, MHL, Micro USB
  9. Additional Feature (if the case), for example, technology of the brand
  10. Battery life (if the case)


For tablets

For Apple products

Images for Apple products are only added to products by Linio, following these standards.

Apple photos are only provided by Linio. Click here to download it.


Product specifications must include the following information:

  • Size: Product dimensions in centimeters like this: Length X Height X Width (26x16x5)
  • Weight: In kilograms and with just one figure after the decimal. For example, if a product weights 500 grams, we must have 0.5.
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue.
  • Storage: 500 GB, 1 TB, etc.
  • RAM: 8 GB, 6 GB, etc.
  • Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz, 3.0 GHz, etc.
  • Screen Technology: LED, HD, Touch, etc. (More than one can be added).
  • Features: Bluetooth, Wireless, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, etc. (More than one can be added).
  • Memory Type: SD Card, for example.
  • Max Screen Resolution: Resolution of the main camera.
  • Camera Features: For example, video recording.
  • Secondary Camera: For example, 1080 p.
  • SIM (for devices with data connection) : SIM Type, for example Nano SIM.


Filters are tools that let us classify products according to specific features. These are very useful for clients as they allow them to easily find the products they want. Filters must be added like this:

  • Screen Size: In inches, for example, 5
  • Hard Drive Capacity: Expressed en GB o TB
  • RAM
  • Operating System: for example, Android
  • Color: for example, red
  • Internet: 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi