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Product+Feature (Optional)+Brand+Model+Color

Audifonos In-Ear Sony SB-9776-Rosa
Audífonos Diadema Bluetooth Beats Solo 2-Azul

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Content description should be original and attractive for the customer. Please do not copy product information from official web or another websites .

The description should have the following guidelines:

  1. Do not use logo brand, brand name, images/videos in the body description.
  2. Description must have more than 150 words.
  3. Product name in <h2> HTML code
  4. On description, you should  highlight the next features:
    • Product main benefit: How can the customer will use the product.
    • Technical features: like connectivity, output power, sound isolating, circumaural or supra-aural audio,  design.
    • Extra features: Exclusive technologies  from the brand like phone control, noise-cancelling or water resistant.


  1. Wired or Wireless Headphones
  2. Output Power: For example, 1000 mW
  3. Connectivity: Type of connector size or wireless connectivity (Bluetooth or NFC)
  4. Length Cord (Only for wired headphones)
  5. Sweat /Water Resistant (Optional)
  6. Extra feature:Like phone control, noise-cancelling or water resistant.
  7. Compatible devices: Like smartphones, music players, tablets.



Please fill the next fields for HEADPHONES subcategory:

  • Color: Black, red, blue
  • Tech Features: You can choose many options like Bluetooth, wireless, water resist.


Filter allows you to classify your product according to certain attributes. For the customer are very useful because it helps them find the products very easy and quickly. Please fill the next fields:

  • Color:Black, red, white.