Kids and Babies Fashion

The subcategory of Kids and Babies Fashion includes the following products:


Product name has to be as the following:


Conjunto 4 Piezas Niño Carter’s-Azul
Suéter con Botones Carters Fantasy-Gris
Calzado para Niño Audaz 1490-Negro


Content description has to be original for the client. It is not allowed to copy information from official websites or any other website.

Description has to include the following elements:

  1. Logos can’t be included, brand name, images and/or videos in the body of the description.
  2. Name of the product in format <h2>
  3. Emotional benefits of the product: Features that parents would like to have for their children in the product: comfort, presentation, use.
  4. Season: Essentials, spring, etc.
  5. Product Features: Clothes materials. Is important to mention that aren’t made with toxic materials.


Are the most important features of the product, are always shown next to the main images.

  1. Composition: Product Materials.
  2. Washing: If handwash or machine (mention the temperature)
  3. Special features: For example, if glows.
  4. Product: It’s important to mention what the client will receive if it’s a set, mention how many pieces are and which.


For Kids and Babies Clothing

For Kids and Babies Shoes


Product specifications must include the following information:

  • Size: Product dimensions in centimeters like this: Height X Depth X Width (26x16x5)
  • Weight: In kilograms and with just one figure after the decimal. For example, if a product weights 500 grams, we must have 0.5.
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue
  • Product warranty: Brand or Company’s warranty and Linio’s, which is of 5 days.
  • Recommended age


Filters are tools that let us classify products according to specific features. These are very useful for clients as they allow them to easily find the products they want. Filters must be added like this:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Material