How to categorize my products?

It is important to categorize correctly your products. Every product belongs to a family or product line,  also named  categories. There are categories and subcategories that make much easier and faster for customers to browse, find and buy your products.


If our product is perfectly categorized the costumers will find easily our product. In addition to having a more streamlined, systematic and orderly page.

For example, if our product is a microwave oven, the client will search by Appliances> Small kitchen appliances> Ovens. It is a correct categorization of our product and can see all ovens on the page.



When a product is wrong categorized, it appears on the page with items that are not of their nature. Maybe the product wont be seen by the customer and therefore not be purchased.


A product wrong categorized breaks the page order.




If you want to learn how to categorize your products at Seller Center, please click here