The name or title of the product has to be like the following:

TYPE DIAPER + BRAND + MODEL + STAGE + QUANTITY (number of diapers total)

Pañales Huggies Pull Ups Etapa 6 100 piezas
Pañales Huggies Good Nites Mediano Unisex 66 pzas


Content Description must be original and attractive for the client. It is not allowed to copy the information from official product websites and other sites. 

Description must include the following elements:

  1. The logo, brand name, images and / or videos should not be used in the body of the description.
  2. Product name in <h2> format.
  3. Product description: What the customer should expect from the product.
  4. It should be specified how important is the hygiene of the child at this stage of life, if possible how many times the product should be changed.
  5. Characteristics of the product: hours of protection, technologies, this type of information is vital in diapers since the product has contact with the skin of the child and at this age babies are more sensitive to certain materials.

Are the most important features of the product, are always shown next to the main images.

  1. Total product content: It is important to make clear what will be delivered to the customer
  2. Stage or size
  3. Hypoallergenic: Indicate if the product has this characteristic
  4. Hours of Protection
  5. Special Features: If applicable.



Product specifications must include the following information:

  • Size: Product dimensions in centimeters like this: Height X Depth X Width (26x16x5)
  • Weight: In kilograms and with just one figure after the decimal. For example, if a product weights 500 grams, we must have 0.5
  • Product warranty: Product warranty has to be added like company’s warranty / Linio’s warranty that is of 5 days.
  • Recommended age: Maximum age of the kids has to be mentioned.


Filters are tools that allow the classification of products according to certain attributes. For the customer are very useful as it allows you to quickly find the items you want. The filters to be placed are as follows:

  1. Color
  2. Gender
  3. Stage or age