GIRDLES category includes the following products:
  • Molding girdles
  • Reductive girdles
  • Maternity and Postpartum girdles
  • Postoperative girdles
  • Buttock Enhancer girdle
  • Posture girdles


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Type of Girdle+Gender+Brand+Model+Color

Faja Levanta Glúteos para Mujer Tania TN-7876-Negro
Faja  Moldeadora para Hombre Tania TH00101-Blanco



Content description should be original and attractive for the customer. Please do not copy product information from official web or another sites .

The description should have the following guidelines:

  1. Do not use logo brand, brand name, images/videos in the body description.
  2. Product name in <h2> HTML code . 
  3. On description you should  highlight the next features:

Tips of use:For example, at night or four hours per day.

Materials:Textile components of the product like cotton, nylon or polyester.

Function of the girdle:Explain how the product functions

Size Chart: Insert on the description a size chart in order to help the customer to choose the correct product.



  1. Materials
  2. Function:Molding, reductive, posture, postoperative, maternity,postpartum
  3. Closing system: zipper, ribbons, velcro
  4. Mention if the girdle has rods or magnets
  5. Available colors
  6. Gender: male, female or unisex






For unisex girdles



Product measures : Product measures in centimeters:

Long / Depth / Width

Weight: Expressed in kilograms. For example, if a product weighs 180 grams, you should fill the field with 0.18 number

Care tips for the girdle: For example, how to wash it.

Disclaimer: Please ad the following text :

For reasons of hygiene, returns will not be accepted after delivery. To see results in reduction of size is recommended to follow a balanced diet accompanied by exercise



Filters allow you to classify your product according to certain attributes.For the customer are very useful because it helps them to find the products very easy and quickly. Please fill the next fields:

Color: Beige, Blanco, Negro, etc.

Gender:Man, Woman, Unisex