Face Makeup

This subcategory details the guidelines that should be a product of Face Makeup, where stand products such as foundation, concealer or blush. The content of this type of product is structured as follows:




 Product Type + Brand+ Model + Tonality

Base Vinchy Dermablend-Sand
Rubor Chanel Rubalumiere-Kabuki


Product Type + Brand+ Model

Brocha Maybelline Eyelash
Set de 5 Esponjas Difuminadoras Sephora 45763


Content description should be original and attractive for the customer. Please do not copy product information from official web or another websites.

The description must contain the following elements:

  1. The logo, brand name, images and /or videos should not be used in the body of the description.
  2. Product name in <h2> format.
  3. Main benefit of the product:
    • What is the product for?
    • Emotional benefit that it will give the client: beauty, elegance, security.
  4. Product components: Explain in a clear and entertaining way the elements that make up the product and what they are for.
  5. How to use: Mention how the product is used and/or any specific characteristic that the customer should know about its operation.


The most important characteristics of the product are:

  1. Main benefit of the product
  2. Presentation: powder, liquid, etc.
  3. Type of skin
  4. Active ingredients
  5. Additional feature (if applicable)
  6. Quantity (expressed in ml; if applicable)

NOTE: In the case of a set of products, the same parameters are used but at the end the total content of the package is added.


Apply the following guidelines in the creation of the Products Gallery of the Makeup category:


The table of product specifications must be filled in the following fields for the subcategory of Face Makeup:

  • Measurements: Expressed in centimeters as follows: Length X Depth X Width (25 x 6 x 18)
  • Weight: Expressed with a decimal point, for example, if a product weighs 8 Kilos with 500 grams, it is written like this: 8.5

Products over 80 kg have shipping restrictions. 


The following filters must be filled in for the Face Makeup subcategory:

  • Colour
  • Skin type