Google Trends

When there are two terms or more to refer to the same product, and there is doubt about which one to use, Google Trends compares them and indicates which one is most appropriate according to the users’ search interest.

For example, assuming there is a trade-off between using the word rake or shaver, Google Trends would be used as follows.

1. Go to the Google Trends page and enter the terms separated by commas in the search field.


2. Google Trends will give us worldwide results on which term is the most searchable.


However, for more accurate results, the tool allows you to use the filters:

-Region: Whether it is worldwide or in a particular country.

-Time period: By year, by month or days.

-Category: According to the classification of the product, for example, Beauty and Health, Art and Entertainment, or, All Categories.

-Search Type: If it is in the Web, by image, in News or in Youtube.

The most effective results are achieved by modifying only the REGION filters, by selecting the desired country. The other fields are maintained with the default selections.


For example, when customizing the search in Mexico, the word rake is more sought after than a shaver:


Google Trends also provides Searches related to the term predominant.