Google Adwords

It’s a tool that offers ideas for keywords according to the search terms most used by netizens.


In the following example we are going to assume that we are doing the Perfume for Women content Carolina Herrera 212

  1. On the main page of Google Adwords select the option Tools and then Keyword Planner.



  1. Then click on Search for new keyword ideas.



  1. Write all the keywords that you have of the product, always thinking about how the consumer would look for it in Internet.



  1. Choose in Segmentation the name of the country (or countries) for which you require keywords suggestions.



  1. Click Get Ideas.


  1. Select Keyword Ideas



The Keywords section (by relevance) will indicate the ideas to use as keywords. You should always choose the keywords with the highest average monthly searches, as they are the ones that will surely be used by the customer when looking for a product. If included in the description, probably the web browser will place the product in the first results.