The products in Jewelry category are:


The product name must have the following structure:


Aretes de Mujer oro Blanco Ocean Heart
Anillo de Compromiso para Hombre Oro Amarillo Amelie Joyas
Set de Collar y Aretes para Mujer Acero Inoxidable Marc Jacobs


Content Description must be original and attractive for the client. It is not allowed to copy the information from official product websites and other sites. 

Description must include the following elements:

  1. Brand logos, images and/or videos can’t be included in the body of the description.
  2. Name of the product in <h2> HTML code
  3. Talk about the design of the jewel: Shape and outstanding elements of the piece.
  4. Material details
  5. Certifications: (If the case)


Are the main features of the product, are always shown next to the main images.

  • Materials and details, example: Gold 24 k
  • Number of pieces (In the case of sets)
  • Backing Type, example: butterfly, push, screw, etc.
  • Jewel care
  • Size (For rings)



Product specifications must include the following:

  • Size: Product measures in cm like this: Length X Width X Height (25x6x18)
  • Weight: Expressed in kilograms and with just one figure after the decimal. For example, if a product is 400 grams, they must write 0.4
  • Product Color 
  • Product Care, for example: Perfume exposure, clean with a piece of cloth


Filters are tools that let us classify products according to specific features. These are very useful for clients as they allow them to easily find the products they want. Filters must be added:

  • Color: Black, red, Blue
  • Type of Product
  • Material
  • Color
  • Size (Only for rings)
  • Gold