Car Accessories

The subcategory for Car Accessories includes the following:



The name structure is the following:


Subwoofer Pioneer P-876 1000 Watts-Negro
AutoestĂ©reo Sony SN-15KLM USB-Blanco
Cable Auxiliar Griffin GF-T500 1.8 m-Rojo


Descriptions for this subcategory must explain the benefits and different components of the devices, technical name and usage in activities have to be mentioned. Content Description must be original and attractive for the client. It is not allowed to copy the information from official product websites and other sites. 

  1. A content of more than 150 words and in a 2 or 3 columns format, organized in blocks of information.
  2. Logos can’t be included, brand name, images and/or videos in the body of the description.
  3. Name of the product in a format <h2>
  4. The first paragraph must describe the main benefit and most important attributes of the product, the use of the product. For example, a stereo would let you play music in your car.
  5. Product specifications: Processor speed, formats and compatibility.
  6. Additional Features: For example, some products have special features exclusive with the brand.


Are the main features of the product, are always shown next to the main images.

  1. Main Feature: For example, clearly audio quality.
  2. Power: Subwoofers and tweeters have to be in watts.
  3. Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, etc.
  4. Additional Feature: For example, tweeter measures in inches and streaming formats.
  5. Compatibility with other devices: For example, if is possible to use the product with Android or IOS.
  6. Car compatibility (if the case): Some products are designed for specific car models.



Product specifications must include the following information:

  • Size: Product measures in centimeters like the following: Length X Depth X Width (26x16x5)
  • Weight: In kilograms and with just one figure after the decimal. For example, if a product weights 500 grams, we must have 0.5
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue
  • Features: Bluetooth, Wireless, Touchscreen, etc (More than one feature can be added).

Products over 80 kg have shipping restrictions.


Filters are tools that let us classify products according to specific features. These are very useful for clients as they allow them to easily find the products they want. Filters must be added like this:

  • Color: Black, red, Blue