Why My Products Are Rejected?

When you create or update your products, the Linio Quality Control team ensures that they meet the established standards to be visible on the page. If a product does not comply with them, it is rejected and you are notified of the reasons why this decision was made.

Here are the reasons why a product is rejected and what actions should be taken.

Rejection Criteria When? Support Guide
Wrong Description
  • There is inconsistency between the elements of the content (name, description and characteristics).
  • Mention is made of a mark different from that of the product.
  • It’s in a language not compatible with Linio LATAM (other than Spanish).
  • Link to other pages.
  • There are images instead of text.
  • It contains videos not authorized by Linio or with promotion to other pages.
  • Usege of Linio / Seller name or logo.
  • It contains Brand / Seller logos.
  • The description is created with the HTML code of other websites.
  • Products of the Electronic category that have color or capacity variations.
  • If don’t have the content of our library (applies to Apple products, Xiaomi and launch products).
Content Elements

SEO Guide

HTML Guide

Library Linio

Wrong Highlights
  • The name doesn’t start indicating which product it is.
  • There are no main features or bullets.
  • They have less than 3 characteristics or more than 15.
  • Features are not bulleted.
  • It has prohibited or restricted sale.
  • Link to other pages.
  • It’s in a language not compatible with Linio LATAM (other than Spanish).
Legal Restrictions

HTML Guide

Wrong Category
  • It doesn’t match the nature of the product.
  • It’s generic.
How to categorize my products?
  • You don’t have the barcode assigned by the brand.
  • Bundles
    • Factory: doesn’t have the bar code assigned by the brand.
    • Promotional: doesn’t have the internal UPC assigned by Linio.
 UPC Guide

Wrong Images

  • It doesn’t have images.
  • The main image doesn’t distinguish which is the product, appear more products than are sold.
  • Blurred or pixelated images in which the product is not distinguishable.
  • The additional images of the gallery are of different products to the main image.
  • It doesn’t match the content (name, characteristics and description).
  • They have explicit sexual content or nudity.
  • They have commercial apps (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Skype, etc).
  • They contain discount legends, prices, offers, etc.
 Photo Guide

Legal Restrictions

Price Not Reasonable
  • It shows a promotional offer with exorbitant discounts.
  • The product contains Tax Class other than 0%.
Wrong Package/Product Measures
  • The dimensions / weight of the product / package do not match the nature of the product.
  • The measures / weight of the product are greater than the measures of the package.